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Trophio is a service that allows for seamless integration of gamification tasks into web apps and sites. It includes Analytics (such as time spent, or number of times a form has been opened), Achievements (which are configurable in a variety of ways and can be triggered at any point during an experience and based on a number of factors) and Reporting (visualizations of analytics and achievements data)

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Easy to follow user interface to configure and edit gamification experiences.

Easy Deploy

Add one line of code to your webapp or site to track and reward.

Cross Site

Track, incentivize and reward user actions across multiple sites. Trophio brings it all together.

Unlimited Properties

Create unlimited gamification experiences using property ids.

Team Collaboration

Invite team members to any property for reporting on and/or editing experiences.

Flexible Tasks

Define simple or complex tasks for users to achieve.

Repeating Tasks

Allow tasks to be completed a set number of times, or even infinite.

On-page Notifications

Display notifications and rewards on-page with style.

How does it work?

Define your tasks in the Trophio dashboard, grab your trophio.js tag, include it in your webapp or page – place triggers in your page where you’d like to gamify user behavior – that’s it! As users access the page(s) and engage with content or complete tasks, rewards are triggered and actions recorded for reporting.

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